Change Management : Engagement Approaches

Since a large number of organizational change efforts fail to meet their desired objectives, a focus on how employees feels, thinks and act during these transformation gives a useful insights to the organization . Maintaining employee engagement during this organizational change is a key element in the success of a change initiative. There are certain guiding principles and tactics on how these transformation can enhance employee engagement.

1) Trying connecting the dots for greater understanding: What is changing? What is staying the same?. What’s the difference between old system and new system ? How do I use the new state ? What are the benefits of new system?

2) Build on a “What’s in it for me?” mind-frame with the stakeholders/colleagues/impacted teams

3) Try leveraging lessons learned / input from earlier similar initiatives

Engagement Tactics

4) Try to build transparency where ever it can be built

5) Try using tactics & tools that resonate with impacted teams

a) Huddles, Internal Communications, Newsletters/FrontPage/Flyers : Try to give an overview information on the initiative and upcoming activities; providing high-level information on the project. Huddle could be included with fun facts, introduce quick learning to drive awareness and excitement. Newsletters/FrontPage Can be leveraged to propagate the initiative, key benefits and time frames to provide key leader messages

b) Town halls: Town Halls /existing meetings should be leveraged to provide teams with overview of the initiative, key objectives and benefits

c) Workday Communication/ Merchandising Inside: Raises awareness or use this form for key impacted stakeholders of the key changes

d) Team Meetings: They provide broad overview on business change . The targeted stakeholder group and audience level are Directors, front-line managers and end-users. Provides high-level introduction of key process and role changes resulting from the initiative, also set level on the what, why, how, when and their role in the change will be implemented.

e) Focus Groups : The stakeholder sessions will focus on developing a two-way dialogue with key Stakeholders across organization that are heavily involved in project testing and engagement . Try enabling and sharing of key insights and pain points with new solution/ process and ideas for adoption (Ex. Post UAT)

f) Project Demos: Introduce scenario driven system demos that focuses on a particular process or scenario. This is an opportunity to see the new tool/project prior to training.. It would serve as a primary vehicle to ask questions and for the team to answer them ahead of training. Also bring role based changes when seeing the change in action

g) Pre Go-Live Survey : Pre go-live survey deployed to gauge end-user readiness.It should contain questions focusing on overall awareness of the project, preparedness for key changes and understanding of support mechanisms in place.

h) Post Go-Live Survey : Deploy Post go-live survey to gauge what additional support is needed, identify any resistance points as well as challenges for adoption. There should be questions and these questions will allow for understanding the effectiveness of training, communication etc. It will also help and find opportunities to course correct

i) Training: The change or initiative training deliverables should be determined by L&D

Summary: With change all around us, organizations that recognize the significant impact with a change and the means to measure and manage it, will come out ahead. The approach for engagement at various stages of a change will look different to different stakeholders/members/end users. But with effective change management starting with a well defined change strategy that includes “engagement” is key to success. The risk and nuances of enabling the organization with the transformation with a change will always remain but through above steps can be mitigated.




Not a geek but interest include one , i write on practicing work that genuinely reflects the experience | Runner | Avid Walker

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Kumar Anil

Kumar Anil

Not a geek but interest include one , i write on practicing work that genuinely reflects the experience | Runner | Avid Walker

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