OKR is a strategic framework and is a method in which enterprise can break down their goals into smaller sub-goals and translate these sub-goals into measurable short term actions.OKR is a simplistic, black-and-white approach that uses specific metrics to track the achievement of a goal.

OKRs features:

  • Individual Objectives although…

In last post , we described DevOps and its various principles or pillars. Let’s check Google SRE which focuses primarily on service management.


From Googles owns SRE site “A primary building block of Google’s approach to service management is the composition of each SRE team. As a whole, SREs…

In todays world , DevOps, SRE (Site Reliability Engineering), Agile, CI/CD and a variety of other software engineering techniques are all examples of Agile ways to do business. None of the elements in these engineering techniques are easily separable from each other, and this is essentially plays a continuum role…

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